DeSyn-A DeFi protocol that allows users to create and trade pools-based assets


1.1.DeSyn Protocol

DeSyn Protocol is a DeFi protocol that allows users to create and trade pools-based assets such as ETFs/Portfolios, levered assets, and more via smart contract. Additional features include multi-asset liquidity pools, dynamic routing AMM, coupled with a super easy interface, and carefully designed platform tokens inside economic model, which leads to evolutionary success.

1.2. DSN

DSN tokens to be a fungible token that adheres to ERC 20 token standard on the Ethereum blockchain. Its primary functions include main parts:

  • Token Utility Users can stake DSN to receive the platform stablecoin. Then users can take stablecoin to pay for any fee such as swap fees, derivatives creation, all transactions fees etc on the platform. More than that, users can put DSN to the liquidity mining and receive additional rewards.
  • Governance Once mature, DSN will gradually transit to community governance, allowing the community to decide the future of the protocol.
  • DSN Buybacks DeSyn initially will manage Trading fees (up to 70%) to be converted to DSN dynamically (via DEXs) and distributed as rewards.

1.3.DSN Tokens Allocation

DeSyn currently plans to have the following tokens allocation:

2.DeSyn Protocol features

The DeSyn Protocol defines procedures for creating, issuing, rebalancing, and trading DeFi derivatives’ assets (ETFs/Portfolios) using a collection of smart contracts based on customized liquidity pools. It includes three important components:

  • Stablecoin Issuing: users could use our DSN tokens as collaterals for our platform stablecoin since our platform stablecoin will serve our main utility function (all kinds of associated costs such as swap fees, creation fees, and else)
  • ETFs/Portfolios Management: users could create and manage their ETFs/Portfolios based on customized liquidity pools here.
  • Liquidity Trading: users could trade ETFs/Portfolios tokens and other tokens via our smart order routing as well as provide their multi-assets for liquidity mining purposes.

3.Highlights of EverRise

3.1 ETFs/Portfolios

It provides the natural tool for users to create their own ETFs/Portfolios to meet the increasing demand. They can be used for investment, ETFs/ Portfolios creation, market-making, and advanced derivatives by various parties.

3.2 Investors (Retail and Institutional)

DeSyn creates the following main functions/features to facilitate the process of the whole cycle of ETFs/Portfolios from investors’ perspectives:

  1. Explore ETFs/Portfolios: investors could explore and select ETFs/Portfolio they like
  2. Buy and Sell ETFs/Portfolios: (secondary market): once investors decide to buy/sell ETFs/Portfolio, they could go to AMM and purchase/sell ETFs/Portfolio tokens.
  3. Issue and Redeem ETFs/Portfolios: (primary market): once investors decide to buy/sell ETFs/Portfolio, they also could issue/redeem from portfolio managers directly.

3.3 KOLs/Fund Managers

DeSyn provide the ability to allow anyone to become an on-chain asset manager. This design is what opens the protocol to all participants that want to manage money.

Its main functions include:

  1. ETFs/Portfolio Creation: KOLs/Fund Managers could create their own ETFs/Portfolios by following a simple process. (a few clicks)
  2. ETFs/Portfolios Management: KOLs/Fund Managers could conduct daily management here such as liquidity fees, trading, and else.
  3. ETFs/Portfolios Trading: KOLs/Fund Managers will do rebalance ETFs/Portfolios by our own smart-routing technology.

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